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You deserve an exceptional client experience. It's what makes Praece different.

Praece is growing, and we're building a team dedicated to ensuring we continue to deliver and improve on the Client Experience that makes Praece... well, Praece.

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Praece's New
Director of
Client Experience

From Michael OBrien, Principal Consultant and Founder

Praece clients often hear us talk about growth in a strange way: We’re excited, but cautious - our company is built on the awesome experience we deliver to clients, and we refuse to sacrifice that in the pursuit of faster growth.

For years, we've considered building a team specifically focused on ensuring, regardless of growth, an exceptional Praece experience for clients. Given how central that experience is to Praece's identity, we've been conservative in our approach, holding out for a leader we truly believed could start this team the Praece Way.

Nolan Ball is that leader. I've known Nolan for some time, and we share many ideals around how business should work. A few months ago, over lunch while he was in town from Minnesota, the typical deep-dives on family and work were on the menu. I was struck by how well Nolan’s ethos and experience matched the new team we'd been dreaming about. He felt the same. Neither of us came into lunch with a Praece+Nolan combo on the mind, but about a month later he was flying to Seattle for a week of immersion: In our culture, in our process, and with our clients. Thanks to remarkably candid feedback from everyone involved, our team reached a consensus quickly; to our delight, Nolan agreed with the assessment.

Nolan started on September 9th as Praece’s Director of Client Experience. In the coming months, Nolan will meet Praece clients, work internally with Praece teams, and build new systems and practices to ensure we deliver the experience Praece clients deserve, from our hundredth client to our thousandth and beyond.

You can expect to hear from Nolan soon. Over the next year, he will impact onboardings, project communication, strategy resyncs, and other areas where communication consistency and quality are critical to your experience with Praece.

Truly, thank you for being part of Praece's story - we wouldn't be where we are today without you. Nolan and I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to reach out!

Michael OBrien
Principal Consultant

Nolan Ball
Director of Client Experience

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